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     2019 Team List & Profiles

( As of  June 13th )

 1.         Wight Rose
             Reflex 38                
             Geoff West, John Donnelly, Phil Downey
 2.        The Forty Something's
            Mark Tracey
3.       The Roaring Forties
           Beneteau First 40.7
           Cris Miles
4.     Denebola Adventures  (Belgium)
          Mount Gay 30 modified
          Alain Poncelet
5.      The Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust
          Bavaria 36
         Robert Morris
6.      Fat(Ter) Boys
          Hallberg Rassy
          Richard Colley
7.       Peak Performers
          Sunfast 3200
          Peter Ashworth
8.      Infantry Training Centre
          Vancouver 34
          Frank Cannon
9.      Jumpa Lagi
          Pogo 405
          Steve Robinson
12.      Don't Look Down
          Dave Parker
14.      The Peaky Blinders
           Broad Blue Rapier 400
           Chris Ross
15.      Wandering Glider
            Dragonfly 920 Trimaran
            Michael Thorneloe
Ruby Dawn sailing as Team Peaky Blinders
Salvinia sailing as team Fat(ter) Boys
North Star - sailing as team Roaring Forties in the 2019 3 Peaks Yacht Race
Wandering Glider
Chris Ross, skipper of Peaky Blinders in the 2019  3 Peaks Yacht Race
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