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 See the full results here (monohulls), and here (multihulls).
Overall and Sailing


Barmouth Publicity Cup                                 Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust / Peaky Blinders

(Overall winner, IRC Handicap + running)


Daily Telegraph Cup                                      Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust / Wandering Glider  (The first yacht to finish)


Tilman Cup                                                                               Fat(ter) Boys


Merioneth Cup                                                      Peak Performers / Wandering Glider       

(Second yacht to finish)                                                    


Viking Trophy                                                                    The Forty Somethings / N/A

(Second yacht to finish under handicap + running)                                                                    


Tlws Meic a Gwenda Trophy                          Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust / Peaky Blinders

(Fastest sailing under handicap)                                        


Royal Hotel Cup                                             Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust / Wandering Glider  (Fastest team on first leg, IRC sail + run)

The Darly Dazzler                                          Wandering Glider

(Fastest Team on first leg under handicap

sail & run - Multihull)


Pennington Arms Cup                                    Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust / Peaky Blinders        (Fastest team on second leg, IRC sail + run)


Flicka Cup                                                     Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust / Peaky Blinders

(Fastest team on third leg, IRC sail + run)


Bodlyn Cup                                                                                    N/A

(Second team in Tilman Cup)


Idris Trophy                                                                                   N/A               

(Third team in Tilman Cup)


The Mountain Sections


John Morris Jones Cup                                                       John Hunt & Lawrence Eccles

(Fastest time on Snowdon)                                                Peak Performers


Barbara Shields                                                                 Ben Zeman & Daniel Ayes

(Fastest time on Scafell Pike)                                             Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust


Grand Hotel Cup                                                               John Hunt & Lawrence Eccles    

(Fastest time on Ben Nevis)                                               Peak Performers

Damart Cup (Kings of Mountains)                                      John Hunt & Lawrence Eccles   

(Shortest aggregate time on all land                                  Peak Performers (14.54)

sections by the same two runners)


Peck & Royal Cups                                                            John Hunt & Lawrence Eccles

(The oldest pair of runners completing all three hills)       Peak Performers (88 Years)


Kamminga Kloggs                                                              

(The greatest aggregate time on all land sections)            Edward Griffiths & James Hayward

                                                                                        Roaring Forties

Other Trophies


Beneteau Trophy                                                               Roaring Forties         

(First Beneteau to finish)


Honey Pot                                                                         Not Awarded        

(First yacht to finish of 35” or under)


Last Inn Cup                                                                      Fat(ter) Boys

(The last yacht to finish within the time limit)


Merseyside Police Cup                                                      Richard Colley - Fat(ter) Boys

(The most meritorious performance in all or

part of the race as voted by the skippers)


Ancarcy Trophy                                                                Denebola Adventures (Alain Poncelet)

(The best effort among the smaller amateur

yachts, as decided by the committee )


Wrinkles Trophy                                                                Fat(ter) Boys

(The crew with the greatest aggregate age

finishing the race)


Arfon Trophy                                                                    Not Awarded

(The first Welsh team to finish, four to live

in Wales)

Wild Rover Trophy                                                            Not Awarded 

(First team with yacht based in Ireland to finish)               

Las Vegas Cup                                                                  Not Awarded   

(The best performance by a Company

team, four to work for the same Company)


Karrimor Trophy                                                               Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust

(The team raising the largest sum for charity                    £2,287.80 

as at 1st October following the race)                                


The Fjallraven Cup                                                            Denebola Adventures (Belgium)

(The best performance by an overseas team)


Light Infantry Bugle                                                           Not Awarded

(The first team crewed wholly by a service team)


John Stockford Trophy                                                      Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust (SCYC)

(Best result by a club entry)


Lochaber Watersports Quaich                                            Not Awarded             

(First yacht based in Scotland to finish )


British Waterways Bowl                                                      Not Awarded

(Best decorated yacht in Corpach)


Colin Prescott Walker Trophy                                            Dougies Dalzell Memorial Trust

(The team with the lowest aggregate age to finish)

Smithers Purslow Cup                                                      Don't Look Down (Dave Parker)

(The Challenge Team with best log of the journey

As decided by the committee)

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