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The Race Trophy Cabinet


The Three Peaks Yacht Race has an impressive trophy cabinet, so much so it’s hard to finish and not win something!


There are prizes for going the quickest of course, and for different sections of the race on foot and at sea, for all round performance, for oldest and youngest, Welsh and Scottish boats, international teams, best charity fund raisers, for going slowest … and many more.


The list below isn’t complete, but it gives you an idea of some of the trophies presented each year at the annual presentation dinner and dance which is held in early November.  You can download the full trophy list here.


Each and every trophy has its own story, and most have famous sailing and fell running names inscribed on them.


Barmouth Publicity Association Cup       First Place on IRC H'cap 

Daily Telegraph Cup                              First Over The Line

Tilman Cup                                           4 team members to reach a summit

Tlws Meic a Gwenda Trophy                  Fastest aggregate sailing time on IRC Handicap

Merioneth YC Cup                                 Second place (IRC)

Viking Cup                                            Third Place (IRC)

Royal Hotel Cup                                     First Sailing Leg

Pennington Arms Cup                            Second Sailing Leg

Flicka Cup                                             Third Sailing Leg

Bodlyn Cup                                           Second in the Tilman Cup

Idris Trophy                                          Third in Tilman Cup

John Morris Jones Cup                           Snowdon Leg

Barbara Shields                                     Scafell Pike Leg    

Grand Hotel Cup                                   Ben Nevis Leg

Damart Cup                                          Fastest Mountain Aggregate (Kings of Mountains)

Peck and Royle Cups                             Fastest Veteran Runners

Kamminga Kloggs                                 Greatest Mountain Aggregate

Harding Half Hull                                  Oldest Team (Wrinkles Trophy)       

Colin Prescott Walker Trophy                The team with the lowest aggregate age to finish

Light Infantry Bugle                               First Service/Police Team

John Stockford Cup                               Inter Club Trophy 

The Ponsford Trophy                            The first all female team

The Annarcy Trophy                             The best effort by a skipper (voted by the Committee)

Beneteau Trophy                                   Fastest Beneteau 

Karrimor Charity Award                         Most money raised for charity

The Honey Pot                                       Fastest 35 foot and under  

British Waterways Bowl                          Best Decorated Yacht

The Arfon Trophy                                  First Welsh team    

Merseyside Police Trophy                      For Meritorious Performance, voted for by Skippers 

Fjallraven Trophy                                  The best Performance by an overseas team

Last Inn Cup                                          Last to finish within the race deadline


The descriptions here are only brief. Some trophies have specific criteria which pot-hunting competitors should check with the race committee ;-)

Trophies at the annual presentation dinner in the Thee Peaks Yacht Race
Trophies at the annual presentation dinner in the Thee Peaks Yacht Race
Flicka, Royal Hotel & Pennington Arms Cups - Three Peaks Yacht Race
British Waterways Bowl - Three Peaks Yacht Race
Light Infantry Bugle - Three Peaks Yacht Race
The Harding Half Hull
The Arfon Trophy - Three Peaks Yacht Race
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