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Skippers Advice - 2022 Edition 

All tides updated & latest about Caernarfon Bar & the Menai

Wondering about going round St Patrick’s Causeway or not? Afraid of the Menai Straits? Believe Caernarfon Bar is for HW+/- 3Hours only? Never been in the Sound of Luing in a F8? Then read on, this will help…..

Essential pilotage, passage-making, and race conduct advice for racing crews from the personal experiences of Keith Mander who has raced in Indian Summer, Predator & Mistral of St Helier from 2006 to 2017. 


This excellent and useful booklet is packed with tips to help give you advantages over every leg and section of the course. It provides local knowledge of Bardsey Sound, Caernarfon Bar, the Menai Straits and importantly the Swellies.


The Swellies “Back Route” is described with an amazing graph of the tide strength and depths to be expected.


Keith has also discovered several useful counter-eddies at important places which are not shown on the tidal atlases or given in pilot books.  It has 38 pages packed with information and 50 colour illustrations.


After yachts falling foul of Firing Ranges, sandbanks, Outfall Pipes, Gas Rig exclusion zones, harbour mud banks and “Uncharted Rocks”, 2019 increases the excitement with further expansion of the Irish Sea Wind Farms and “Tidal Energy Devices”. These and the implications of temporary navigation hazards and shifting sands are discussed in detail.


Some race winners have claimed to have “The tiller in one hand and this book in the other”.


All money from the sales goes to Ty Gobaith Children’s Hospice and the production costs are donated by Mechatronic (Consulting) Ltd and Rosehill Electronics Ltd.


Buy by post from:-


Keith Mander

40 Brabyns Road

Gee Cross


SK14 5EE



Cheques to be made payable to “Ty Gobaith Children’s Hospice” for £15 (UK postage included.) 

[Please download and return the Gift Aid form with your order.]

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