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        Our Charity Partner

The Youth Adventure Trust

The Youth Adventure Trust is a youth development charity working with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people, aged 11–16.


They believe that learning in an outdoors environment is key to a young person’s development and will equip them with skills that will last a lifetime.

The young people the charity works with face all sorts of challenges in their daily lives: bullying, mental health issues, chaotic home lives, poverty, living in care, caring for a family member, no positive role models - to name but a few. Their circumstances can lead to them making poor decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. 

The Youth Adventure Trust’s programme lasts 3 school years and has outdoor activity and adventure at its heart.  Challenging activities such as sailing, mountain expeditions, caving, climbing and canoeing, take the young people beyond their comfort zones; they act as a platform to help them realise their capabilities and achieve things they never imagined would be possible.

The programme can’t change their circumstances, but it gives the young people the opportunity to develop the hope, confidence and resilience to overcome the challenges they face in their daily lives.

Outdoor adventure inspires young lives and brings positive influence to their futures.

The Barmouth to Fort William 3 Peaks Yacht Race & Challenge is proud partner of the Youth Adventure Trust and the race organisers would like to encourage you to take the opportunity to raise some much needed funds to support their work with vulnerable young people.

To find out more about the charity and for some fundraising help, please visit their website, download this pdf presentation, or contact Natalie Levin at

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