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The Daily Telegraph Cup                                          Rio

(The first Yacht to finish)


The Tilman Trophy                                                   Mercian Regiment


The Merioneth Cup                                                  Wight Rose

(The second yacht to finish)


The Viking Cup                                                        Tramontana

(The third yacht to finish)


The Barmouth Publicity Cup                                     Wight Rose



Sailing Handicap IRC (New)                                       Carpmaels


The Royal Hotel Cup                                                 Wight Rose

(Winner of the first leg)


The Pennington Arms Cup                                        Wight Rose

(Winner of the second leg)


The Flicka Cup                                                         Rio

(Winner of the third Leg)


The Bodlyn Cup                                                        Vagabond Mountaineering

(2nd Tilman Trophy)


The Idris Trophy                                                      Celtic Rowers

(3rd Tilman Trophy)

Mountain Section


The John Morris Jones Trophy                                  Alex Pilkington & Stuart Walker

(Fastest time on Snowdon)                                       Wight Rose


Barbara Shields                                                        Stuart Walker & Alex Pilkington

(Fastest time on Scafell)                                           Wight Rose


The Grand Hotel Cup                                               Stuart Walker & Alex Pilkington

(Fastest time on Ben Nevis)                                      Wight Rose


The Damart Cup                                                       Stuart Walker & Alex Pilkington

(Shortest aggregate time on all 3 mountains)           Wight Rose


The Peck & Royle Cups                                             Jason Macvaugh & Nick Pearce

(Oldest runners completing  all 3 mountains)           Intrepid Misfits


The Kamminga Kloggs                                             Celtic Rowers

(Greatest aggregate time on all land sections)               


Other Trophies

The Beneteau Trophy                                               Burning Daylight

(First Beneteau to finish)


The Honey Pot                                                         Carpmaels

(The first yacht to finish under 35’)


The Last Inn Cup                                                      Celtic Rowers

(The last boat to finish within the time limit)


The Merseyside Police Cup                                       To be allocated

(The most meritorious performance)

As voted by the skippers


The Annarcy Trophy                                                           

Best effort among the smaller amateur yachts         Carpmeals

As decided by the Committee


The Wrinkles Trophy                                                Burning Daylight

(Team with the greatest aggregate age to finish)


The Karrimor Trophy                                                Grand Slam

(Team raising the largest sum for charity)


The Fjallraven Cup                                                   Rio

(The best performance by a foreign team)


The Light Infantry Bugle                                           The Mercian Regiment

(First team crewed wholly by a service team)


The British Waterways Bowl                                      Tramontana

(The best decorated yacht at Corpach)


The Lochaber Watersport Quaich                              Intrepid Misfits

(The first yacht based in Scotland to finish)


The Colin Prescott Walker Trophy                             Celtic Rowers

(Team with the lowest aggregate age to finish)        


The John Stockford Trophy                                       Grand Slam

(First club team)


Arfon Trophy                                                            Celtic Rowers

(First Welsh boat to finish)


The Las Vegas Cup                                                   Carpmaels

(Best Company Team)

2015 Race Winners Team Rio on the Finish Line
Alex Pilkington & Stuart Walker - 2015 Kings of the Mountains. Three Peaks Yach Race.
 Wearing the race medal - Three Peaks Yacht Race
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