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Kings of the Mountains (The Damart Cup)

The Shortest Aggregate Time On All Land Sections By The Same Two Runners


This section is in two halves: 1977 to 1999, when Scafell was climbed from the port at Ravenglass (a round distance of 32 miles) and 2000 onwards when Scafell was climbed from the port at Whitehaven, by way of a 20 mile cycle ride to Ennerdale, thence a run over Blacksail Pass to Wasdale Head.  (The new total distance was 52.5 miles with 8,000 feet of climbing.)


Via Ravenglass


1985    10.32   Red Goblin                             Ken Taylor and Peter Irwin

1990    10.33   Third Degree                          Adrian Belton and Mark Rigby

1984    10.54   Pacesetter                              Ken Taylor and Peter Irwin

1993    10.58   Triharda                                 Mick Hoffe and Dennis Barnes

1981    11.01   Presto                                     Neil Bowman and Andy Rawlin

1988    11.01   Karrimor                                 Ken Taylor and Peter Irwin

1983    11.21   Clairella                                  Ken Taylor and Peter Irwin

1980    11.22   Samphire                                John Rye and Neil Bowman

1997    11.23   Royal Marine Commando       David Rodgers & Vic Johnstone

1982    11.31   Esta Amelia                            P. Brooks and D. Jewel

1986    11.48   Karrimor                                

1987    11.50   British heart                           Paul Hampson and John Darby

1991    12.05   Miss Piggy                              Mick Hoffe and Dennis Barnes

1991    12.05   Honey                                     Ross Powell and Colin Donnelly

1989    12.25   Third Degree                          Adrian Belton and Andrew Addis

1996    13.16   Spirit of England                     Ken Taylor and Jack Holt

1992    13.32   Stormalong                             Bruce Bridgestock and Gary Butler

1998    13.32   Specially Selected                   Steuart Mechie and Peter Wragg

1999    13.52   Spirit of Daedalus                   Nick McErlean and Menzies MacAffer

1994    14.41   Backlash                                 Richard Ludlow and Michael Llewellyn

1995    14.58   Turtle Dove                             Steve Aspey and Mike Hughes

1979                                                               John Rye and Neil Bowman


Other runners of note during this period: Joss Naylor, Mike Walford, Taffy Davies, Martin Stone, Peter Simpson, John Rye and Ken Ledward to mention but a few.


Via Whitehaven


2009    13.08   GFT Adventure                       Chris Sellens and Allen Smalls

2013    13.12   Moby J                                   Adam Perry and Chris Perry

2011    13.30   Peak’s Addix                          Martin Beale and Ian Ridgeway

2016    13.47   Wight Rose                            Pavel Paloncy & Alex Pilkington

2010    14.04   EADS Innovation Works          Martin Beale and Martin Indge

2015    14.12   Wight Rose                            Stuart Walker and Alex Pilkington

2014    14.11   Mistral                                   Chris Jones and Hugh Aggleton

2017    14.41   Moby J                                   Tom Bush & Muir Morton

2008    14.30   EADS Innovation Works          Andrew Rankin and Chris Beale

2012    14.51   Team We Love MCR               Tim Austin and Richard Mortiboys

2002    14.56   Lightning Reflex                    Adrian Baily and Aled Rees

2007    15.11   Flapjack                                 Martin Beale and Josh Schouten

2000    16.08   Leopard Clipper                     Kim Collison and Damon Hoad

2004    16.57   Hellefix                                  Rob Barel and Machiel Ittmann

2005    17.49   Abbeydale Moonshine            Matt Ford and Phil Eaves

2006    18.18   Abbeydale Moonshine            Colin Taylor and Tim Fairbrother

2003    20.37   Spirit of Barmouth                  Andy Sanderson and Tony Hodgson

2018    13.22   Wild Spirit                              Stuart Walker and Jon Morgan (A shortened course was run this year.) 

2019    14.54   Peak Performers                     Lawrence Eccles and John Hunt

2021    14.31   Wild Spirit                              Stuart Walker and Dave Robinette

2022    14.42   Wild Spirit                              Matt Knowles and Edward Cordon

2023     15.53  Herbie Rides Again                 Ollie and Freddie Grogono


Data collated by Martin Pound (Skipper of Moby J).  Updated by Rob Howard.

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