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The Challenge Event 

'The Three Peaks Yacht Challenge' is a non-competitive event run in parallel with our 'Classic' race, but it is still a real challenge!

Our challenge competitors will still complete the classic course; the same sailing legs, the same ports along the way and the same mountain routes, with all the adventure and excitement that comes with them.  The 24/7 support from our organising team will be the same too


The difference is this is a non-competitive event. It is for those who want to experience one of the world's most iconic sailing adventure challenges, but who can't, for one reason or another, take on the classic race.


For The Challenge no IRC certificate is required but yachts entering must comply with RORC equipment list.  The number of crew is not limited in The Challenge. 


This opens the event to sail training organisations, youth groups and sailing schools who can take part alongside the Classic race, with the same start and finish line, the same course, the same camaraderie, and the same satisfaction on making it to the finish.

As it is non-competitive the engine can be used at any time (this has to be logged). 


This offers more safety (especially for inexperienced sailors) as well as the certainty of being able to finish within the time frame of the race if the wind does not blow.  (No rowing is required either!)

Each Challenge team will be asked to keep a log book and there will be an award for the best as well as certificates for all those who complete the course.

The Challenge may also be ideal for novice teams who want to prepare for the race without competing.

Teams starting the Classic race can move into the Challenge if they wish to during the race.

The entry fee is the same as the race but there is a different entry form to use, and a different, and much simpler, set of rules.

You can find the entry forms for The Challenge here.

Three Peaks Yacht Race - a team event
Telford Bridge - Three Peaks Yacht Race
Up Ben Nevis - Three Peaks Yacht Race
The Three Peak Race start off Barmouth
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