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Arup and Over

YACHT NAME :       Scimitar

Length:                  37'

Yacht Type:            Jeanneau SO 379

Hull Colour:            White

Draught:                1.95m

Sail No.:                 2560C

Country of Origin:  UK

Tilman Trophy:      Yes

Family Team:         No

Team Arup and Over - Three Peaks Yacht Race 2016

Henry Snell – Skipper

Occupation:Civil Engineer

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Nationality: British


Henry started sailing as a teenager, helping take a boat back and forth across the channel, as well as a few med trips. Then during a surprise gap year did a course at UKSA which allowed him to work as crew on a yacht in the Med during Uni holidays, getting a proper job has sadly stopped this. He now sails his Father’s boat out of Largs as often as work allows and occasionally gets back to the Med. Although plenty of cruising experience, he has never raced before so this should be interesting… Luckily has some keen crew who have done some racing so will rely on them to make the boat go faster.


The team’s aim is to have fun and hopefully complete the challenge along the way.


Ivo Tedbury - Crew

Occupation: Architecture Student

Age: 23

Gender:  Male

Nationality:  British


Ivo first learnt to sail in an optimist in the garden, and has since been on a smattering of voyages and won a handful of championships. Highlights include leading a fleet downwind on Lake Garda in a fresh 30 knot Ora. Lowlights include writing off a new mainsail by jumping clean through during a capsize. He hopes his junior international rowing experience might be of some use in the event of no wind, providing we remember to bring some oars.


Lottie McCarthy – Crew/Runner

Occupation: Structural Engineer

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Nationality: British


So far in her sailing career, Lottie has only sunk one vessel. She is also part of an elite group of canal boaters who have successfully navigated their boat down the River Thames through central London. Exceptional at running up escalators in the London underground, Lottie will be relying on this transferable skill and applying it to the peaks with finesse.

Richard Boyd – Runner

Occupation: Structural Engineer

Age:  28

Gender:  Male

Nationality:  British


Richard ran the Blackpool Marathon 9 years ago and thought that was all the long-distance running he would ever do. More recently he has bagged several Munros, including six in one memorable albeit leisurely day. His sailing experience is limited to reading Taking on the World by Ellen MacArthur. He believes strongly though that five years of daily rush hour cycling in London prepares you for anything; compared to Elephant & Castle roundabout at 8:30am on a rainy Monday morning, reaching the summit of Scafell Pike at 2am in a gale will be a walk in the park.


Lucy Dalton - Crew/Runner

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Age:  24

Gender:  Female

Nationality:  British


Lucy was taught to sail at a young age by John, Susan, Titty and Roger – so if anything goes wrong on the boat, it’s Arthur Ransome’s fault! She then progressed to real boats in Chichester harbour, where she spent most of her time clearing seaweed off the rudder. Lucy is currently hoping that climate change will speed up enough to create a blizzard in June, as she is most used to climbing Scottish mountains in waist deep snow and thick clag. Her commitment to this race is strong enough to fill corporate inboxes with emails about axe sharpening and metal pointy things, but her degree in coastal engineering means that entering harbours could be risky as she is easily distrac-“OH look at that interesting breakwater!”

Henry Snell Three Peaks Yacht Race 2016
Ivo Tedbury - hree Peaks Yacht Race 2016
Lottie McCarthy - Three Peaks Yacht Race 2016
Richard Boyd - Three Peaks Yacht Race  2016
Lucy Dalton - Three Peaks Yacht Race 2016
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