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Moby J


YACHT NAME :      Moby J

Length:                 9.14m

Yacht Type:           J92

Hull Colour:           White

Draught:                1.7m

Sail No.:                 GBR 9294R

Country of Origin:  UK

Tilman Trophy:       No

Family Team:          No


Moby J is back for a sixth time. Since purchasing this small yacht in 2007 the skipper has sailed an equivalent distance to the circumference of the globe. Cruising from Gosport, with a couple of circumnavigations of UK, 2 times through the Caledonian Canal and 9 times through the Crinan Canal (just can’t keep away from Scotland!). Also entered the Scottish Islands Peaks Race (SIPR) three times and taken part in local regatta racing in the Channel from Falmouth, Fowey, Dartmouth, Torbay and the Solent. Last year took the mast-up route through the Netherlands.


So, the skipper having retired for the third time this March, it just had to be one final epic cruise, leaving Gosport mid April for the Irish Sea, then another SIPR starting from Oban 20th May, then transporting the runners back out to Jura the following weekend for the Jura Fell Race. Then a few days in Peel for the IOM TT Races before hopefully being in Barmouth by 10th June.


Another new team this year for the Three Peaks, although both the runners, Muir Morton and Nic Barber, have been in Moby J previously for the SIPR. I think they have returned to taste more of Jane P’s spectacular cooking (one burner specials!).


Our thanks again to the Three Peaks Organisers for all their time and trouble organizing yet another amazing challenge; the lure of the only race in the world which combines everything, from sailing to rowing, to difficult pilotage, to road and fell running, to cycling, to utter exhaustion, that just cannot be resisted.


Martin Pound – Skipper

Occupation: Retired Naval Officer

Age: 69

Gender: Male

Nationality: British


Martin has been sailing on and off from the age of 9 and has been a small yacht owner since 1979 when he bought a 16ft gaffer. This lengthened to a 23 gaff rigged cutter in 1990, before going ‘modern’ in 2007 with a J-92.


James Jopling - Crew/Runner

Occupation:   Student - University of Portsmouth

Age: 22

Gender:  Male

Nationality:  British


James was introduced to sailing in the Cadet Class from the age of 9 and has raced dinghies ever since, mostly on the East Coast. Now at the University of Portsmouth, he has been team racing in the Fireflys, crewed through the summer on an 80 footer, as well as the Victory Class at Cowes Week, and Wednesday evening racing on Moby J.


Steve Broom – Crew/Runner

Occupation:  Boat Builder

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Nationality: British


This is Steve’s third 3PYR, having sailed with Moby J in 2010 and 11. He has also done three SIPRs (the Scottish equivalent) with us. Steve works in the Force 4 Chandlery in Burseldon in the dinghy section. An experienced dinghy sailor who grew up through the National Youth Sailing Squads. Very competitive, usually in the first ten (often more than 100 yachts on the start line).

Muir Morton – Crew/Runner

Occupation:  Reneal (kidney) Doctor

Age:  42

Gender:  Male

Nationality:  British


Previously sailed on Moby J on the SIPR. Loves being in the mountains, ideally in Winter, competing in Ski Alpinisme races and ice skating races in frozen Sweden. Background running experience includes OMM, Old County Tops, the Wasdale X Triathlon and a win in the Tryfan Down hill dash (without breaking anything). Looking forward to some more sea to summit action in the 3PYR.


Nicholas Barber - Crew/Runner

Occupation:  PHD Student - University of Sheffield

Age:  27

Gender:  Male

Nationality:  British


Nic started running and orienteering when he first went to University at Sheffield, so he could eat a load of pizza and drink a load of beer without getting fat. Being from the Peak District tarmac pounding held little excitement, so he became involved in fell running so at least if he felt rubbish there would at least be a good view. Whilst he now competes at a higher level than he did, a bit like Jo Brand the nice view and ability to eat and drink what he wants are still his main motivation. Notable results include 1st in the Edale Skyline 2015 and Trigger 2016 (classic long Peak District fell races) and 2nd OMM Elite Class 2015.


We will be joining Dee Caffari's team in raising money for

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