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 3.  Team Baloo

Yacht Name:          Baloo

Length:                  9.9m

Yacht Type:            Sigma 33 OOD

IRC Rating:            0.916

Hull Colour:           White

Draught:                1.75m

Sail No.:                 GBR4733

Home Port:             Pwhelli

Country of Origin:  UK

Tilman Trophy:       Yes

Family Team:          No


Pete Chatfield   (Skipper)

Occupation: Aerospace Professional

Age: 54

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

An accomplished seaman, Pete has been sailing boats for most of his life. He is a keen racer and enjoys nothing more than trouncing the competition at the bar..

Pete has completed many offshore races including the Fastnet in 2013 and the Three Peaks in 2014.

Dave Harry   (Crew/Runner)

Occupation: Computer Programmer

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Nationality: Welsh

Dave competed in the Three Peaks in 2011 as part of Team Maybe.  He was also part of Team Baloo's ill-fated crew in 2017 and hopes to get further this year.

Dave likes nothing better than to go running up hills and has spent recent years training for swimrun events. Dave loves sailing on the sea, especially when it is flat.

Greg Brock   (Crew/Runner)

Occupation: Project Manager (Construction Industry)

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Nationality: English

Greg has been sailing dinghy’s for many years, when asked about doing the three peaks his response was “Well I’ve mainly done dinghy sailing inland, this shouldn’t be a problem as the sea is just a big lake…right?”

Greg is a very experienced runner, both road and mountain running. His running achievements are extensive and include:

02:55:30 at Manchester Marathon 2017. 23hrs and 18mins for the Bob Graham Round. 42 Lake District peaks, 65 Miles and 28,000ft of Ascent.

Like Dave Harry, Greg is also keen on SwimRun events, his most recent races were in Jersey and the Lake District.

Dave Harnan  (Crew/Runner)

Occupation: Logistics Manager

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Equally at home on land as he is at sea Dave is proficient sailor and runner.


Dave has been sailing yachts for over 15 years with many miles under his belt. His joy of running is more recent but he has thrown himself into the sport with enthusiasm.

Having helped his brother Rob crash a number of boats Dave has now decided it’s time to join Rob on the three peaks yacht race.

Rob Harnan (Crew)

Occupation: Aerospace Professional

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Nationality: UK

Rob has been successfully crashing boats since 2001, his most recent bump was on Caernarfon bar in the 2017 Three Peaks Yacht Race, fingers crossed this year will be less eventful.

In between sailing trips Rob enjoys plodding round his local hills, either by bike or on foot but always fueled by scotch eggs.

Find out more about the team at;

Team Baloo  - Three Peak Yacht Race 2017
Team Baloo - Three Peaks Yacht Race 2017
Rob Harnan on Baloo - Three Peaks Yacht Race
Pete Chatfied in the Three Peak Yacht Race
Dave Harnan - Three Peaks Yacht Race 2018
Dave Harry and Greg Brock - Three Peaks Yacht Race 2018
Baloo in the Three Peak Yacht Race
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