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 3. Wild Spirit

Yacht Name :         Wild Spirit

Length:                  11.95m

Yacht Type:            Jeanneau 40

IRC Rating:             0.977

Hull Colour:            White

Draught:                1.85m

Sail No.:                 GBR8799T

Port of Origin:        Plymouth

Tilman Trophy:       Maybe


Paul Jackson - Skipper

Occupation: Company Director

Age: 68

Gender: Male 

Nationality: British

With over 100,000 miles and 3 previous 3 Peaks Yacht races Paul is now in his dotage so has forgotten the joy of being stuck on a Sandbank for over 4 hours last year. 


He has sailed in various parts of the World but keeps ending up at Barmouth, partly due to his inability to reset the cars Satnav but also because he considers the 3 Peaks to be the best yacht race in the World.

Claims to fame are to have been rendered unconscious by a wooden leg, been detained under the prevention of terrorism act and looked a killer whale in the eye from less than 6 foot.

Paul has taken part in the race 4 times before, twice on Wild Spirit and twice on Wight Rose.

Stuart Walker (aka 'Shelf') - Runner

Occupation: Renewable Energy Research Engineer

Age: 36

Gender:  Male

Nationality: British

Running - Former 3 Peaks Yacht Race King of Mountains and winner, lots of long distance races in UK and Europe, including a few wins and a continuous crossing of the Alps. Adventure races including 2013 World Championships in Costa Rica. Won the Fellsman in 2019 and a few other things but just love getting out and plodding around. Did a double Bob Graham round in 2019


Also known as Doctor Stuart Walker he adds a great deal to the last of the teams 3 unique qualities.


Spent a year living and running in the Alps a few years ago, currently in flattish but beautiful Cornwall. Looking forward to hills. Founded a charity to reduce littering (see website below!).


Lucky to have a sailing father in law so done Fastnet, 2x Caribbean 500, channel races etc. Not a good sailor - more often I'm trying to fix electrics/engines/batteries or up the mast!

Twitter @mrstuartwalker
Blog (no races = no recent updates)
My charity @runnersvrubbish

Dave Robinette - Runner

Occupation: Buyer
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Nationality: UK

Have played on boats since I was a teenager as a Sea Scout and with my Dad who is a keen dinghy sailor so I have a rusty grasp of the basics. But very much a novice when it comes to open water and bigger boats.

Running on the other hand is where I have the experience. I began runnning after moving to Sheffield for university, initially doing ultra distance fell races and mountain marathons. Since then I have tried speeding up and raced around Europe, even dabbling in some road marathons.

My running team mate (Stu Walker) asked if I would be interested in joining the team for the 2020 race originally.  Hoping to prove a worthy cabin boy on the boat and be a strong competitor on the mountains.

Craig Williamson - Crew

Occupation: Software Product Owner

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

I've been sailing 5 years, and have logged >6000 miles, including one Fastnet (Sigma 38) & one Caribbean 600 (Farr 65). I am the proud owner of a beautiful Contessa 28 which lives on the south coast of England. I've previously run 7 marathons & 3 ultra-marathons - my favourite race ever was the little-known 3 Forts Marathon (Sussex).

I have heard about 3PYR by word of mouth from a few sailing friends and was thrilled when Paul asked me if i'd like to crew for him. We intend to win!

Nick Ridgway - Navigator

Occupation: Software Consultant

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Have owned several boats and taken part in various offshore races as well as local cruising around the Irish sea. Currently have a Hunter F1 and a Solo dinghy.
In earlier years I enjoyed mountain marathons and Ironman events.

Have competed in the race 5 times, 2005-2008 with Mike Paget Tomlinson on Paget's Lady and then 2018 with Paul on Wild Spirit.

Our aims are 'King of the mountains' and maybe overall IRC.

"Team Wild Spirit, the name says it all. A unique blend of age, experience and immaturity."


Paul Jackson - Three Peaks Yacht Race
Paul Jackson - Three Peaks Yacht Race
Stuart Walker - Three Peaks Yacht Race
Craig Williamson
Stu Walker and Jon Morgan
Stuart Walker and Peter Jackson on Wild Spirit
Stuart Walker racing on Wild Spirit
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