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                                                       7.  Moby J


YACHT NAME :       Moby J

Length:                  9.14m

Yacht Type:            J92

IRC Rating:            0.956

Hull Colour:           White

Draught:                1.7m

Sail No.:                 GBR9294R

Country of Origin:  UK

Tilman Trophy:       No

Family Team:          No


Martin Pound – Skipper

Occupation: Retired Navy

Age: 70

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Last year was supposed to be our 6th and last race, a 2,800 mile adventure from Gosport to Oban for the SIPR, a week in Jura for the Fell Race of fell races, down to the IOM for TT Practice Week, and finally the 3PYR to Fort William before returning to Gosport. It took the Skipper 3 months to recover! So why are we back? Well, skipper Martin’s neighbour John Donnelly announced he was doing it again in White Clouds at the young age of 72, so the gauntlet was laid and we are back!

Richard Bland

Occupation: Semi-Retired Outside Broadcast Engineer

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Richard Bland, who has spent a lifetime designing music systems for festivals such as Glastonbury (inc Queen), and was helm on Moby J when we came 4th overall in the SIPR last year, is back as our tactician. Richard races 18ft Skiffs and did the 3PYR with us in 2010.

Deborah Fish

Occupation: Analyst for the Defence Science and Technology Lab

Age: 47

Gender: Female

Nationality: British

Deb Fish joins us for the first time as the other sailor. A yacht owner, she has raced offshore since 1999 and has specialised in short handed sailing in the last 5 years. Raced two handed to the Azores and back and 9 Fastnets under her belt, including one singlehanded. At last we have someone who hopefully understands electronics! Deb works as an Analyst for the MoD.

Muir Morton

Occupation: NHS Renal Surgeon

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Muir is a renal specialist, who ran for us last year, is happiest in the cold and on the mountains having competed in Alpine races and ice skating in frozen Sweden. His running experience includes OMM, Old County Tops, the Wasdale X Triathlon and the Tryfan Downhill Dash, with a few wins to his credit.

Christopher Barnes

Occupation: Account Manager

Age: ??

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Chris is an up and coming new talent as a fell runner and this will be his first 3PYR.

So we hope to be there again on the start line on 17th June, for another grueling in this challenging, captivating, seamanship tester, lack of sleep teaser team adventure, enjoying the beautiful scenery and Jane’s amazing precooked cordon bleu cuisine. Hopefully we will not blow out the racing mainsail again in the Sound of Islay (2016)!  Moby J has a new crew member this year, a 2 year old border collie called Jack, rescued from Snowdonia, who will complete the delivery trip but will be looked after by our shore party Guy and Jane during the race.

Moby J in the Menai Strait - Three Peaks Yacht Race
Martin Pound - Three Peaks Yacht Race
Moby J in the Menai Strait - Three Peaks Yacht Race
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