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 4.  Wild Spirit

Yacht Name :         Wild Spirit

Length:                  11.95m

Yacht Type:            Jeanneau 40

IRC Rating:             0.979

Hull Colour:            White

Draught:                1.85m

Sail No.:                 GBR8799T

Country of Origin:  Scotland

Tilman Trophy:      Possibly

Family Team:         No     


Paul Jackson  (Skipper)

Occupation: Company Director

Age: 65

Gender: Male 

Nationality: British

With over 100,000 miles and 3 previous 3 Peaks Yacht races Paul is now in his dotage so has forgotten the joy of being stuck on a Sandbank for over 4 hours last year. 


He has sailed in various parts of the World but keeps ending up at Barmouth, partly due to his inability to reset the cars Satnav but also because he considers the 3 Peaks to be the best yacht race in the World.

Claims to fame are to have been rendered unconscious by a wooden leg, been detained under the prevention of terrorism act and looked a killer whale in the eye from less than 6 foot.

Peter Thorn  (Crew)

Occupation: Hydrogeologist

Age: 47

Gender: Male 

Nationality: British

Grew up in Lymington, started on British Moths, moved to Lymington River Scows and then to 470s.  Found keel boats in my teens and never looked back.  Plenty of racing round the cans in various yachts including one designs such as Dragons, J24s, XODs and sports boats.  Many channel races in Sigma38s and others.  Ocean racing includes 1990 Melbourne Hobart and inaugural Sydney Whitsunday race.  Mainly work the pointy end and sail trimmer but can navigate pretty well too. 


Then became sensible with a career and family and effectively retired from sailing about 15 years ago after the best part of 30 years being landlocked in the midlands (I don’t do ponds!).


Diagnosed as T1 diabetic in August 2016, realized that life is too short to miss out on anything so signed up for the one great yacht race still on my bucket list!   Back out of retirement and like I’d never stopped.

Stuart Walker  (aka 'Shelf')  (Runner)

Occupation: Research Engineer Sheffield University

Age: 33

Gender:  Male

Nationality: British (European)

Running - Former 3 Peaks Yacht Race King of Mountains, lots of long distance races in UK and Europe including a few wins and a continuous crossing of the Alps. Adventure races including 2013 World Championships. Also known as Doctor Stuart Walker he adds a great deal to the last of the teams 3 unique qualities.

​Sailing - Fastnet, Caribbean 600, Solent / channel races, 3 x 3PYR. Nowhere near as good at it as this would suggest (once defeated by a fridge).

Jon Morgan  (Runner)

Occupation: Doctor; Mountain Guide
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Nationality: British

Scottish Islands Peaks Race 2011, 10+ years fell running, including wins at Sedbergh Hill, Long Tour of Bradwell (twice), Totley Exterminator (3 times). 12th in English Fell Running Championships 2012, 11th in British Championships 2007. Multiple Mountain Marathons (OMM, RAB, LAMM). International Mountain Guide

Nick Ridgway  (Crew/Runner)

Occupation: Softwear Engineering Manager

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Married with 3 children, I have been sailing on and off for around 20 years and have approx 5000 miles on own boats and others including 4 x 3PYR.  In the past I have also been a runner and triathlete and to date have completed 2 x OMM, 3 road marathons, numerous half marathons, and 2 Ironmans.  This year marks a return to all of these activities and there is no better motivation then the 3 peaks.

"Team Wild Spirit, the name says it all. A unique blend of age, experience and immaturity."


Paul Jackson - Three Peaks Yacht Race 2017
Paul Jackson - Three Peaks Yacht Race 2017
Stuart Walker - Three Peaks Yacht Race 2017
Peter Thorn racing on Wild Spirit
Nic Ridgway racing on Wild Spirit
Jon Morgan racing 0n Wild Spirit
Stuart Walker and Peter Jackson on Wild Spirit
Stuart Walker racing on Wild Spirit
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