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Wight Rose

YACHT NAME :       Tactix

Length:                  33' 

Yacht Type:            X99

Hull Colour:           White

Draught:                1.8m

Sail No.:                 GBR 1934T

Country of Origin:  UK

Tilman Trophy:       No

Family Team:          No


Team Wight Rose is back again this year.


This year is different with the introduction of the sailing times adjusted

by handicap. This makes all yachts equal so Team Wight Rose has

decided to enter the 29 year old X99 Tactix for another nostalgic

trip to Scotland. Always close to the heart of all who have experienced

her she has won the race twice in the past so it was considered time

for her to ‘get off the trailer’ and have another go.


Geoff West in his 14th race, has won the race 6 times, one Tilman and

last Year the team won the IRC trophy. Geoff proudly holds many of

the race records. Geoff has been a serial competitor since 1998 when

he entered for his, and Tactix’s, first race.


Paul Jackson is back for his second race, fitting this in a busy programme including the Caribbean 600 the Sydney Hobart and Round Ireland. If the team has not finished by Thursday, Paul needs to leave the boat to be in time for the start of the Round Ireland race.


Alex Pilkington (last year’s King of the Mountains winner) is also returning as part of the team for the second time. Alex claims to be a fell runner, biker and adventure racer. Likes getting dirty, Always out on a full moon.


Pavel Paloncy, a Czech ultra-runner and adventure racer. His claim to fame in the UK is that he has won the Spine Race twice (the Pennine Way in mid-winter), he does it in about 5 days with 12 hours sleep! 


The missing man. At the time of writing, the team is still coming to grips with the concept that the young one running around the foredeck, has had to withdrew due to being diagnosed as being over 55 and life catching up with him. You can be sure that whoever is selected to fill his Dubarry's will be a better cook.


[Although Stuart Walker and Gary Clayton cannot race this year they do hope to compete again soon. Gary will however be part of the team providing the vehicle support.]

Tactix, the yacht for Team Wight Rose Thre Peaks Yacht Race 2016
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