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                                                       Pure Attitude


YACHT NAME :      Pure Attitude

Length:                 11.3m

Yacht Type:           X37

Hull Colour:           White

Draught:                1.98m

Sail No.:                 GBR 1575L

Country of Origin:  UK

Tilman Trophy:       No

Family Team:          No


Fergus McDonald – Skipper

Occupation: Banker/Consultant

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Nationality: British


Enjoyed sailing and racing most things from yachts to windsurfers over many years.


John  Klintworth - Crew/Runner

Occupation:  Mechanical Engineer

Age: 53

Gender:  Male

Nationality:  British


Plenty of small boat racing in Fireballs, Lasers and Darts. Keelboat racing experience includes South Atlantic race (x2), Agulhas Race, RORC Races, Cowes Week and Cork Week.


Martin Gray – Crew/Runner

Occupation:  Membership Boating Business Owner

Age: 56

Gender: Male



Many years keelboat and yacth racing.

Jack Bush– Crew/Runner

Occupation:  Student

Age: 19

Gender:  Male



Long distance runner.


George McDonald - Crew/Runner

Occupation:  Student

Age: 20

Gender:  Male

Nationality: UK


Ex-Captain of Harrow Cross Country Team.

Pure Attitude in the Solent Cup - Three Peaks Yacht Rce 2016
Pure Attitude - Three Peaks Yacht Race 2016
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