11. Marine Conservation Society

Yacht Name:            Blackbird

Length:                   11.35m

Yacht Type:             Hanse 375

IRC Rating:              TBC

Hull Colour:            White

Draught:                 1.6m

Sail No:                   GBR 4721L

Port of Origin:         Chichester 

Tilman Trophy:        Yes

I think there are 2 reactions when you first hear of the Three Peaks Yacht Race, either, never in a month of Sundays or definitely one for the bucket list. For us on yacht Blackbird the sailors have had it on the bucket lists for over 25 years and as for the runners, well we took advantage of the lockdown blues to trick them into joining the party with the promise of a challenging adventure with open seas and open airs - it sounds irresistible!


We will be entering the Tilman Cup with the team consisting of Seth Richardson (Skipper and novice runner), Alan Hyne-Jones (dedicated sailor), Richard Harrison (sailor and novice runner), Peter Hutchinson (runner and novice sailor) and Chris Fischer (dedicated runner).


Alan and Seth have sailed together for many years with plenty of offshore JOG and RORC experience. Richard is a very experienced dinghy racer, Peter has enjoyed a fair amount of cruising and Chris has only ever been on a sailing boat once before. When it comes to the running, I’d say we are very much at the novice end with Peter bringing in some much needed experience.


Our shore team is made up of Seth’s parents Bill and Janice Richardson, who will be following us in their trusty motorhome and ensuring we are well fed and watered.


We are supporting and entering as team Marine Conservation Society, a charity close to the hearts of the whole team. The Marine Conservation Society fights for the future of our ocean through people-powered action – with science on their side. They defend habitats and species, with communities, businesses and governments. Together, they work towards a cleaner, better-protected, healthier ocean. For seas full of life, where nature flourishes and people thrive.


Please support Marine Conservation Society by sponsoring us here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/threepeaksyachtrace2021 

                            "A healthy planet needs a healthy ocean."

Seth Richardson – Skipper/Runner

Occupation: Software

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

I’ve wanted to compete in the Three Peaks Yacht Race for about 25 years but I must admit I always imagined I would be focused on the sailing side of things. However, 2 years ago I discovered the joy of trail running and although I still haven’t completed any long distance races I am really looking forward to the unique mental and physical challenge this race requires.


I am fortunate enough to be a trustee at the Marine Conservation Society and see firsthand the incredible impact the organisation has. To have the opportunity to raise funds for the Marine Conservation Society so they can continue the essential work to restore our seas is a real motivator. 

My employer Net Natives is going to match fund all funds raised.

Alan Hyne-Jones - Sailor


Age: 46

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

The Three Peaks Yacht Race has always been there on the bucket list, but it has taken a lockdown and a conversation with willing (and able) people to make it happen for 2021. As a non-runner I am mostly looking forward to the sailing, seamanship and navigational challenges that the race will inevitably provide. The team is supporting the Marine Conservation Society and the race will provide a fantastic vessel to promote the great work they undertake in creating a sustainable future for our seas.

Peter Hutchinson - Runner/Sailor

Occupation: Data and Analytics

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

I have run a dozen or so mountain ultras over the last five years and was keen for a new adventure. I’ve recently started sailing again after a gap of about 30 years so the opportunity to enter a race I’ve wanted to do for decades couldn’t be turned down, especially with the aim to raise funds for a charity that’s important for all of our futures. It’s going to be an epic adventure with a great team to share the fun with.

Chris Fischer - Runner

Occupation: Head of Partnerships at Red Bull

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Like most people I upped my running over lockdown and spoke with our skipper Seth about it quite regularly as he was in the same boat (pun intended). Having walked the 3 Peaks a few years ago, I really wanted to run them and suggested it to Seth who then chatted to his ultra running friend Peter. The next stage is a bit of a blur ... but within 3 days we were signed up for the 3 Peaks Yacht Race.


I've been on a sailing boat once in my life and lockdown has prevented me from getting any more experience just yet but this is an opportunity and a challenge you simply can't pass up. Really enjoying working towards a goal in June and at some point stepping on a boat!

Richard Harrison - Sailor/Runner

Occupation: Property Developer

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

I've sailed and raced dinghies and yachts since I was young, competing at club to international level. I first heard of the race when my father took part in 1982. It sounded very exciting to an eight year old just starting out.


For a long time I've wanted to take part if the opportunity arose and I jumped at the chance when it did. I'm looking forward to all the challenges that come with a multi-day yacht race and I'm excited, and a bit daunted, by taking on a mountain leg as well as the sailing.

Janice & Bill Richardson - Team Support


With 3 artificial knees between us we are looking forward to supporting the team from dry land and the comfort of our trusty motorhome. 

Follow the team on Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/yachtblackbird/

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